Kanoi Desert Camp is a Luxury Tent Resort in the middle of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer. Kanoi Desert Camp is located at , Sam sand dunes and close to the Desert National Park. The camp has gained global fame and respect with travelers who are seeking adventure, hygiene and security all put together, yet in the most ethnic way of Rajasthan’s Joggiya and Joggan style which travelers always crave for.

It is a perfect Place for an off-beat holiday with basic hygiene and good food.

Enjoy the air of peace and tranquility that pervades the campsite. Revel in our commodious tents, each provided with an around the clock service. Indulge yourself in the traditional cuisine served with the quintessential Rajasthani grandeur.

It is our Endeavour at Kanoi Desert Camp to surpass your expectations and make your holiday a memorable one with one of our Jaisalmer Desert Camp Packages. We offer you the most humble pattern of living in Rajasthan showcasing the countryside style and values. Kanoi Desert Camp is one of the best options for Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer.

For travelers who have romance and adventure on their mind, Kanoi Desert Camp is the right place for their holiday.

The Camp offers packages for family to honeymooners, from corporate holiday to individual, honeymoon trip to students for photography or research.

Kanoi Desert Camp has a big palette and has innovative ideas to make each and every holiday customized.

Each Hour of the holiday should be like celebration of the desert life, be it camel safari, meeting villagers, dune bashing , archery Come and feel the rejuvenations and revival of your childhood.

The concept of our resort is very much like the olden day hunting expedition camping; where you have story telling sessions, performances of manganiya with joggans, live preparation of meals, tents to rest, archery practice while you do camel safari and jeep safari on the vast dunes. All these activities make it more natural to relive the memories of Rajput hunting days. The Mummal Mahindra story play at the night cultural evening is one of the star attractions at Kanoi Desert Camp. It is the most captivating romantic love story of Rajasthan history. The Indian Romeo and Juliet relive every night at Kanoi . That is not all to keep the charm going we have early morning local rural games concept not to forget, stappu, kho kho, sitoliya, blind fold, kabadi.etc.